Posted on May 21, 2015

So as is often the case this is an idea I had commenting on a recent AV Club review of iZombie.

Without rehashing the show's fundamentals too much, the principle character, Liv, is a zombie, trying to protect her loved ones from other, less pleasant zombie types. Her ally, Ravi, is her boss in the Seattle Medical Examiner's office. The most recent episode has a debate between the two about whether to reveal to her ex-fiance, Major, that zombies really exist. Why might he need to know? Well, in trying to locate a bunch of missing street kids, he's run afoul of the unpleasant zombies and they're making his life hell. The comment I wrote, below:

Too often on genre shows when two characters have what you might call a "premise argument" (aka, if one of the characters changes their mind the show no longer needs to exist) and one character is wrong and the other one is right purely because the writers say so. This is almost never the case with iZombie. Here, they're kind of both right (maybe Liv's reasoning isn't quite as strong as Ravi's), which frankly is way more compelling drama.

I don't know if there's a better term than the one I invented on the spur of the moment, but I quite like it. Genre TV is riddled with scenes that have little other purpose but to delay narrative closure, usually by making the characters adopt stupidly bull-headed positions. iZombie isn't like that. The characters are too smart and think and behave like people, albeit people in extreme circumstances.

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